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I'm an African-American Vintner and Wine Label Owner, And I'm Beating the Odds in My Industry

The bravery of combining your passion with your career is no small feat — just ask Chrishon Lampley of Love Cork Screw. The Chicago raised wine-lover turned her passion into a business, after a flooding of a bar she then co-owned forced her to shutter operations in 2011. With that part of her life … Continue reading Source link

When "expired" foods actually stop being tasty

We all know that expiration dates on food are as mostly worse than useless. Whether any given stuff is still tasty, though, can be found at the aptly-named How long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty? What’s the best way to store it? Get the answers for thousands of items! Some interesting listicles, all somewhat lacking in sourcing: 9 …

The story of Naked Wines

Tracking every bottle from vineyard to customer The other place where Naked Wines is innovating is on the distribution side of things. “An interesting thing happened when prohibition ended,” muses Saunders, suggesting that the seeds of the current state of alcohol distribution were sown in the early 1930s. Very soon after the 18th amendment was repealed, a complicated distribution network was established. Part of the result …