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Wells Fargo whistleblower: once I complained, they started denying me bathroom breaks

Yesterday, I predicted that a lot of Wells Fargo whistleblowers were going to come forward, given how terribly treated its employees. The kind of pettiness in Nathan Todd Davis’s testimony guarantees there’s more to come. Nathan Todd Davis said at a California State Assembly hearing on the Wells Fargo (WFC) fake account scandal that he filed 50 ethics complaints …

The Time I Showered with Sewage: What's the Worst Thing Your Bathroom Has Ever Done to You?

I’ve been battling my bathroom lately. If Jesus stole my sense of smell (like I thought He did when I was a terrified Catholic school girl in middle school), my bathroom would seem pretty darn spiffy. It’s small, but it’s bright, relatively clean, I like the gray tile floors, and as far as … Continue reading Source link