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Project Runway Is on Its 15th Season! And 14 Other Things You Never Knew About the Show

Now on its 15th season, Project Runway has given us all the drama and fashion we could want from a series. From tackling unconventional challenges – like making a garment out of newspapers – to finally debuting at New York Fashion Week, the designers have always kept us on the edges of our seats. With any reality TV show, however, there are always behind-the-scenes moments …

10 Things We Didn’t Write About This Week but That You Might Want to Comment On, Including Corey Feldman’s Music and the Interview Ivanka Trump Cut Short

Is the news in general getting weirder? Or is it the same as it ever was? Not sure that this list makes the case one way or the other. But here it is, your weekly randomized list of story topics that we didn’t cover on this site — maybe for good reason and maybe because we just missed the boat … Continue reading Source link