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Stop Taking Important Phone Calls in the Bathroom at Work and Try This Instead

Last week, I was in a predicament. It’s one of those things that’s going to sound like a humblebrag, but it was nerve-wracking at the time. I had to go to a fashion preview in Midtown, then do a Skype interview for a volunteer repro-justice position I’m really excited about, then head downtown for … Continue reading Source link

Randomly Generated Catalog of Creepily Nondescript Domestic Surveillance Equipment

B O I N G   B O I N G The most important thing we build is trust Do not disclose to the public or media. Specifications subject to change without disclosure or mercy. Feature descriptions may be incomplete. Contact Rob Beschizza at our Sales Department to discuss your requirements. Refresh the page for a new catalogue of creepily nondescript police state technology you …

Most popular website colors are Black, Red, Blue and … Tan?

This image depicts the most commonly-found stylesheet colors on the web’s top sites—Paul Hebert did an amazing amount of analysis and this is just one of the intriguing visualizations he came up with. Most of these are obvious staples, especially HTML red and blue, though it’s interesting how far the blue “cluster” is from the default blue hue, whereas the red cluster merely modifies …

Apple and Nike Launch Exclusive Apple Watch Nike+

Apple and Nike have just introduced the Apple Watch Nike+ as a result of their long-term partnership. Built to be the ultimate tool for anyone and everyone that runs, the collaboration pairs exclusive Nike Sports Bands with the Apple Watch Series 2, featuring GPS, a two-times as bright display, 50-meter water resistance, a dual-core processor and watchOS 3. Additionally, the Apple Watch Nike+ will include exclusive Siri commands and …

Halt and Catch Fire: The Most Relevant Show on Television–And Set in the 80s

With the cacophony of an election year ablaze with unparalleled drama being fought on the front lines of Twitter, we find ourselves slowing down and staring at it like a bad accident. The need for escapist relief is perhaps more dire than usual right now. This fall, if it’s drama you crave, but the Hillary v. Trump show is driving you to near-suicide, then the …

Dear Mr. Putin, Please Help Save My Beloved BlackBerry

Kristin van Ogtrop was named Managing Editor of Real Simple magazine in 2003.Perhaps it’s too much to ask, but I’m hoping that somehow, some way, the Russians can save my BlackBerry.I’ve been trying to follow this summer’s email-hacking stories, which seem to have as many twists as Debbie Wasserman … Continue reading Source link

All You Need to Get a Custom Blended Foundation Is Your iPhone

Matching foundation to your skin is a chore that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I love trying new foundations, but finding the perfect shade every time a new product launches is enough to make me never, ever want to stray from what I already know works for me. Does it wear evenly all day? Does it work … Continue reading Source link

Tech reacts to Clinton’s DNC speech

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