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Isis left behind at least 14,000 mines when it retreated from Manbij

Once it became clear that a US-backed militia coalition was going to chase Isis out of the northern Syrian city of Manbij, Isis planted at least 14,000 mines, boobytrapping refrigerators, onion-baskets, rocks, appliances, tea-kettles, “everything.” Isis uses a mix of Russian mines and homemade ones. In the days since the liberation of Manbij, over 100 people have been killed by mines. Isis …


I met Ariel in 2006, a time when the whole world felt like a simmering pot that was bound to boil over. We meet through friends at a squat in Chattanooga’s North Shore neighborhood. The North Shore is where lost children from local rural ghettos go to find freaks like themselves. I was an impostor … Continue reading Source link

British Muslim detained for reading a book about Syria while on a plane

Faizah Shaheen, via her Twitter profile. A British woman of Muslim descent was detained and questioned by police under terror laws after a flight crew member noticed she was reading a book about Syrian art while flying to Turkey. The Thomson Airways attendant reported her for “suspicious behavior,” which amounted to reading a book. Faizah Shaheen, 27, is not …