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Clothing Regulations Are Just an Excuse to Control Women

In my country of India, the Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma recently asked foreign women to self-regulate their behavior when visiting “for their own safety.” New welcome kits given to all foreign arrivals, he said, now include safety advice for women such as advising them to not wear skirts or … Continue reading Source link

Why "Stranger Things" Is Important to Me as a Sexual Assault Survivor

Pop culture has a long tradition of portraying sexual assault victims as just that: victims. When I watched the incredibly popular Stranger Things, I was reminded of the times when I was sexually assaulted as a teenager. Although sexual assault isn’t addressed in Stranger Things, the treatment and … Continue reading Source link

I Was Raped by My Stepfather — Just One More Example of Brazil's Epidemic of Sexual Violence

As the Olympic flame went out and the last fireworks of Rio’s carnival-like closing ceremony fizzled away, the reality sets back in for the thousands of women and girls who regularly experience brutal violence in Brazil, often in their own homes. In a country where over 500,000 people are raped … Continue reading Source link