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I Baked This Aphrodisiac Cake and I Want to Have Sex with EVERYONE

I love to bake and I love sex.While I write about sex professionally, I’m more likely to be found giving my friends tips on how to make the chewiest chocolate chip cookies than I am to be giving tips to have the best sex of your life. It has long been my dream that someday I would be able to … Continue reading Source link

6 Assumptions About Fat Fetishism I’d Love for Us to Reconsider

I’m lying on a tiny couch in a tiny apartment with a friend of a friend who I’m beginning to like. More specifically, I’m lying under this friend of a friend. We’re kissing (and doing a pretty good job at it), and everything up until this point has been swell: the booze and some good conversation … Continue reading Source link

My Husband Threatened to Divorce Me if I Vote for Hillary Clinton

My husband and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on social and political issues, but we weren’t always polar opposites. Lately, though, our viewpoints have become drastically different.  I’m a fairly outspoken person when I’m sharing an opinion I truly believe in. Unfortunately, my … Continue reading Source link

I Remarried My Abusive Ex-Husband and Then Divorced Him Again

My husband, Tim, and I were first married in 2001 after meeting in an online chat room and dating for a year and a half. In our seven-year marriage, we had two children: a boy and a girl. He seemed to have a genuine interest in art and I was attending college for graphic design and was fascinated … Continue reading Source link

9 Things You Should Always Negotiate with Your Partner When You Get Kinky

The first time you discover the world of kink, you’ll probably be a little bit apprehensive, but mostly excited. That’s how I felt, at least, once I could fully embrace that part of myself and joined my local community.But, as a lifelong writer and thinker and future psychologist, I started looking … Continue reading Source link

I Thought I Was A Hopeless Romantic — Turns Out I'm Demisexual

Demi: half – from the medieval Latin word demidiousDemisexual: half sexual.The hell is that? That’s a thing? How can you be half sexual? How is this a sexuality?Sexuality, to say the least, can be very complicated and intricate. There are multiple spectrums that come into consideration when talking … Continue reading Source link

Let's Stop Minimizing Our Pain Just Because We Can Compare It to Something "Worse"

The other day, I was having one of those conversations with a close friend who is going through a tough time emotionally that made me wish I could magically pluck my friend’s pain out of her heart and also go bitch-slap her long-term romantic partner, whose behavior was the immediate source of the … Continue reading Source link

I Took My "Cold Feet" Seriously and Called Off My Wedding

The world is a condescending place that typically tells women what they should do and feel instead of listening to their own wants and needs. Maintaining our reproductive rights is a constant struggle, and my friends who don’t want children are regularly assured they’ll regret not becoming … Continue reading Source link