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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Peed Myself on My Way to Reunite with My Long-Distance Boyfriend

We were close right from the get-go. Within minutes of meeting, he stuck his finger in my ear wet-willy style, unearthed a dollop of leftover conditioner and presented it to me. “You missed a bit,” he said.He straight-up crossed the boundary and closed any gap between us. Funny then that we’ve … Continue reading Source link

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Mother Kidnapped Me When I Was 3 and I Didn't See My Father Again Until I Was 18

My parents married 30 days after they met. Mom’s car died just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Dad rescued her with his tow truck. A petite orphan with a few more IQ points than Forrest Gump (her three-months-premature birth had resulted in mild brain damage), she needed a champion to … Continue reading Source link