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Losing My Father and Sister Far Too Soon Changed the Way I Both Live and Work

After about two hours of crying, praying, and searching our own souls for answers, my family and I had finally gotten news on Daddy’s condition. He had sustained two gunshot wounds to the back of his head and two to his upper back. His medical team said it was too much for him to survive, and the … Continue reading Source link

I Refused to Wear My Baby, and Thanks to Postpartum Anxiety, I Felt Guilty for Months

The minute I strapped my baby daughter to my chest, I had an uneasy feeling. My husband was helping me adjust the carrier’s straps, and I became more and more uncomfortable. At first, I blamed the baby. She was a big girl — easily 10 pounds and only a week old. That is a lot of weight to carry … Continue reading Source link

7 Meaningful Ways to Help a Friend Who Has Breast Cancer — From Someone Who Has It

Countless friends and family members showered me with support and words of kindness when I got diagnosed with breast cancer three-and-a-half years ago. All were shocked, but some were either at a loss or did things that were just not helpful at all. Two weeks ago, I learned the cancer has returned. … Continue reading Source link

Why I'm Not Playing the "Pick 3 Fictional Characters That Describe You" Game on Facebook

A friend once asked me why I didn’t like the TV show Friends. As a young white woman who came of age during Friends’s heyday, she only had rosy feelings for the show. I don’t begrudge her those feelings, as we can’t choose what triggers warmth and nostalgia in us. If we were to … Continue reading Source link

To All the Dogs We've Loved Before — OK, Ew, That Sounded Romantic

It’s rather fitting that it’s National Dog Week. Seven years ago this very week, I went with my friend Amy to an animal shelter in Boca Raton, Florida, to help her return the traps she’d borrowed to catch feral cats, get them spayed or neutered, and release them; while I was there, I couldn’t … Continue reading Source link

I Hired a "People Walker" to Walk Me Through a Sketchy Neighborhood, And It Was a Lot Less Weird Than I Thought It Would Be

Up until the second grade, I was considered a normal-sized person. Then this weird thing happened to every other 8-year-old around me: They grew. I remained the same size until I was about 14 and I woke up one morning two inches taller and with a rear end that had somehow tripled … Continue reading Source link

No Matter How "Adult" You Become, Who Is the Person You Are in Your Mind's Eye?

I once had a boss describe me as “graceful.” It was meant to be a casual compliment, an observation more than flattery. In the moment, several major things went through my head, causing me to essentially short-circuit:1. Is she screwing around with me the way Josh Franklin did in high … Continue reading Source link

My Town Has Been Invaded by Tourists and I Want Them to Go the F#@k Home

My hometown of Los Angeles has been a tourist destination ever since it first became reachable by railroad. Consequently, I grew up around tourists. In fact, their behavior spurred me to swear I’d behave better than they did whenever I traveled.I’d also lived in other parts of Southern … Continue reading Source link