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I Thought Yoga, Meditation, and Instagram Could Save Me from PTSD After I Was Raped

On the day I was raped, I felt like a true yogi. It was July and 30 degrees Celsius on New York’s Rockaway Peninsula*. I had been up since 6 a.m. I’d started the day by swimming in the ocean, running on the soft sand, and doing an asana sequence I had committed to memory on a wooden deck in the … Continue reading Source …

I'm a Sexual Assault Survivor, And Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign Has Traumatized Me All Over Again

Trump: “I grab women’s bodies.”Woman: “Trump grabbed my body.”Trump: “NO I DIDN’T YOU LIAR!”I’ve seen and heard this “joke” in many iterations since the now infamous Trump Tapes were made public. Quotation marks are in place because this election cycle is draining my usually formidable reserves of … Continue reading Source link

I can't wait for Kellyanne Conway to spin the latest accusations of sexual abuse by Trump

Tonight the New York Times published two women who claim to have experienced acts of sexual abuse by the Republican candidate for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With great speed the Trump campaign declared these claims “fiction.” This “fiction” claim seems to spit in the face of his soul-less, truth-allergic campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Conway has been clear, pounding …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Friend-with-Benefits Drugged and Raped Me

I’ve always been an overachiever: I was top of every class, I took on three extra subjects in high school purely because I knew that I would do well in them, I graduated from high school with straight A’s, I was awarded scholarships from three different universities, I completed a postgraduate … Continue reading Source link

Brock Turner Going Free Is the Best Thing to Happen to Rape

Early in the morning on Friday, convicted rapist Brock Turner was released from jail after serving a short 90-day sentence. That’s 5,020 days shorter than the maximum sentence of 14 years, 2,100 days less than the six years prosecutors recommended, and 93 days shorter than the meager six-month … Continue reading Source link

Laughing Stanford rapist Brock Turner to be released after only 3 months in prison

Brock Turner. Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Brock Turner is scheduled to be getting out of jail this week, three months early. Turner was sentenced to 6 months, following a conviction of three counts of sexual assault on the Stanford University campus. Recently released documents from the case show that Turner admitted to laughing out loud when confronted by bystanders, mid-rape.  …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: Both of My Parents Abused Me, But I Forgave Only My Mother

Trigger warning: Rape; physical, mental, sexual abuse; suicide attempts; food deprivationI was somewhere between 2 and 3 when my father began raping me. I don’t remember exactly when because my brain has tried to let me forget as much as possible ever since. It has mostly … Continue reading Source link

I Was Raped by My Stepfather — Just One More Example of Brazil's Epidemic of Sexual Violence

As the Olympic flame went out and the last fireworks of Rio’s carnival-like closing ceremony fizzled away, the reality sets back in for the thousands of women and girls who regularly experience brutal violence in Brazil, often in their own homes. In a country where over 500,000 people are raped … Continue reading Source link

Your Back-to-School Don't Get Raped Guide!

It’s back-to-school time, and that means we need to talk about an extremely serious subject: Despite years of outcry, college rape is still rampant in the United States. One in five women and one in 16 men experience sexual assault in college, and though we know college rape is a pressing and … Continue reading Source link