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I Thought Yoga, Meditation, and Instagram Could Save Me from PTSD After I Was Raped

On the day I was raped, I felt like a true yogi. It was July and 30 degrees Celsius on New York’s Rockaway Peninsula*. I had been up since 6 a.m. I’d started the day by swimming in the ocean, running on the soft sand, and doing an asana sequence I had committed to memory on a wooden deck in the … Continue reading Source …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: A Cell Phone Company Employee Stole Photos From My Phone

Last summer, I was living in Hawai’i, having the time of my life. While enjoying my first nude beach experience, the ocean tried to take my phone. Obviously, I didn’t have it on me since I was naked; it was inside my shoes, which were tucked behind a rock up a sand hill. A freak wave washed over … Continue reading Source link

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was 12 Years Old and a Few Hundred Feet Away When the Twin Towers Fell on 9/11

Over the past 15 years, a few terms have been coined for my age group that you may be familiar with. One of the most popular is “The 9/11 Generation.” The term is meant as a catchall for millennials from around the country who were in school on September 11, 2001.Members of this … Continue reading Source link