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Bake: spooky chocolate chip cookies

Long story short: start with a reliable chocolate chip cookie recipe (this one has chia!), bake and decorate with sugar pears, slivered almonds, food coloring markers (I didn’t know that these were a thing, but these are a thing!) and some sculpting tools. (via Geeks Are Sexy) report this ad Muphry’s Law predicts that “if you write anything criticising editing or proofreading, there will …

Kid makes a diorama of her neighborhood disguised as an RPG rulebook

Jim Jones writes, “I have been playing The Warren, Marshall Miller’s role playing game about being rabbits, with my three kids for a little over a month. We play in an area based on our suburban neighborhood. My second grade daughter chose to do a diorama of a suburb for school so she could talk about our game and we built it so that …

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" – the pop-up book edition

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” – the pop-up book edition / Boing Boing Pop-up book veterans David Pelham and Christopher Wormell have collaborated on a just-in-time-for-ween edition of Edgar Allen Poe’s magnificent torch, 1845’s The Raven. report this ad Pelham and Wormell have serious pop-up/illustrated book chops (Pelham was on the 3D Human Body team, while Wormell’s back catalog is more …

A modern rebuild of the Radio Shack 150-in-One electronics kit

While looking into the Kano snap-together learning computer kit (Kickstarted in 2013, reviewed here last January) I got to thinking about Radio Shack’s classic, much-loved 150-in-One Electronics Kit, which occupied literal years of my time when I was a boy. That took me on a journey to Gareth Branwyn’s 2010 Make piece about scratch-building a replica, a project that seems to have either …

An Open Letter to EpiPen CEO Heather Bresch from the Mom of a Son with Life-Threatening Allergies

Dear Heather Bresch, I don’t make $18 million a year. You do. I do not have a yacht, a vacation home, or a large savings account. To be honest, I don’t even make a half of 1 percent of what you make. I don’t own a boat, I haven’t been on vacation in almost a decade, and I rent a … Continue reading Source link

My Son Taught Me More About Dating Than Any of My Boyfriends Ever Did

Decades. That’s how long I’ve spent agonizing over boys (and, later, men). Mostly in my high school and college days, that is. When they didn’t call me, call me back, or answer the phone (this was in the pre-texting, pre-email, pre-caller ID era), I took offense and figured I wasn’t good enough. … Continue reading Source link

I Was Raised by an Abusive Mother, And I Don’t Want to Become Like Her

Every girl should be able to say they love their mother … and that’s just not something I can do.It’s taken me 33 years to come to terms with the way my life turned out, and I’m finally in a place of acceptance. Though the relationship with my mother can never be healed, my heart is in a place of … Continue reading Source link