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9 Things We Didn’t Write About but That You Might Want to Talk About, Including Racist NFL Fans, the Surprisingly Progressive Miss America Pageant, and Pot-Infused Coffee

If you’re feeling like you don’t quite know what to do or how to act or how to be, or if you’re not feeling anything at all about the day today, that’s all A-OK. Today’s roundup includes news stories that might make you ache and trending topics that might catch you off guard. Or not. Read them and … Continue reading Source link

Zateeva brand cigarettes: smelled and tasted like marijuana

Zateeva brand cigarettes: smelled and tasted like marijuana / Boing Boing If you were a head in 1974 who happened to enjoy the smell and taste of smoking marijuana but didn’t want to get high or busted by the fuzz, or you simply wanted to prank the police, you could light up a Zateeva cigarette! From the April 20 (4/20!), 1974 edition of Florida …

Erbanna Is the Line of Bags That Weed Smokers Don’t Even Know How Badly They Need

I try to be as transparent as possible when I write about brands, goods, and services, because I think it’s only fair. Besides, you don’t know that for every publicist’s freebies I try and love and tell you about, there’s a whole bunch of others that I politely decline or, occasionally, try … Continue reading Source link

Fantastic infographic of cannabis strains

Boing Boing pal Jody Radzik designed this incredible infographic of marijuana strains for Berkeley, California’s Patient’s Care Collective who claim to be “the longest continuously operating medical marijuana dispensary on the planet.” Click the images to expand (your mind)! “The chart basically expands upon the traditional sativa-indica-hybrid classification scheme in a way that helps folks to make sense of the bewildering array of …