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Pointillist portraits made of lipsticked kisses

Pointillist portraits made of lipsticked kisses / Boing Boing Lipstick Lex (aka Toronto artist Alexis Fraser) puts on lipstick and kisses her canvasses to create cool portraits. Once they’re close, she’ll refine things a bit by drawing with the lipstick. She’s also taking commissions on her site, like this lovely Katharine Hepburn: • Lipstick Lex (via Taxi, images from Alexis Fraser’s …

Mixed Chicks, Rejoice: The Search for Cool-Toned Pink and Nude Lipstick Is Over

2016 is, unequivocally, THE SUMMER OF ULTRA-COOL GOTH MOUTH. Praise be, of course. The ultra-cool goth mouth is a look that allows you to neglect all other beauty routines and be incredibly lazy (dulled as we all are by the immensity of summer heat) and still look like you’re killing it. … Continue reading Source link