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Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" Is Exactly What I Should Have Expected — But Didn't

Last Friday (Thursday night, really), Lady Gaga released her newest single, “Perfect Illusion,” kicking off her highly anticipated album five era.The single is yet another sonic shift from her previous work, more straight rock than it is pop with a rock tinge. The song came as a surprise to … Continue reading Source link

'Mermaiding': summer 2016's fashion inspiration

The mermaid has been a perennial stylistic reference point for the past five years. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry has co-opted mermaid imagery as a way of indicating both otherworldly glamour and childish innocence. But now a new (ahem) wave of “mermaiding” is upon us. And it isn’t just about looking a bit like Ariel – it’s more than that. …

Fashion’s greatest pop hits – from Gaga’s meat dress to Grace Jones’s Armani suit

Björk: Debut, album, 1993 Bjork’s Debut Judy Blame is a legend of street-derived DIY styling. In partnership with music video director Mondino, he created the now-classic cover portrait for Björk’s acclaimed first album, Debut. Blame had requested that Björk simply bring her favourite clothes from her own wardrobe for the Paris shoot. However, when the airline lost her luggage (“she walked into my hotel room …