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This single potato chip costs $11

Swedish brewery S:t Eriks created a box of fancy potato chips that costs 499 kr (~$56). There are five chips in each box. Obviously a marketing/fundraising gimmick, but they certainly sound like quite the artisanal chip. Ingredients include: matsutake, truffle seaweed, crown dill, Leksand onion, India Pale Ale wort, and potatoes gathered from a “hillside in Ammarnäs, a steep, stony slope in a south-facing …

What Are Your Favorite International Snacks — or Things You'd Normally Need a Prescription For — to Buy When Traveling Abroad?

Greetings from sunny Cabo San Lucas! I’m here for a press trip Dan sent me on (this makes it sound like I’m being exiled — I’m not. I think Dan just wanted me to meet single, attractive travel journalists while getting a tan, but they’re all married with kids, so that’s a no-go). I’m currently … Continue reading Source link