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10 Things We Didn’t Write About but That You Might Want to Comment On, Like How the Internet Broke for a While

Do you prefer to read only good news, or do you purposely seek out depressing, aggravating news? We’ve got all of the above in this week’s roundup of current events that we didn’t mean to not write about but… well, you know how it is. You’ll probably be especially motivated to give your take on … Continue reading Source link

Your Comments Are Always So Much Better Than Mine in Open Threads Like This One

I am in the shittiest mood today. I’m kind of kidding, but I’m really, really sleep-deprived and in the middle of coordinating moving into an apartment that I saw for about five whole minutes the other day. Having things is such a hassle! You know what would be so freeing? A house fire. I … Continue reading Source link

9 Things We Didn't Write About This Week but That You Might Want to Talk About, Including the Disgusting Things Ken Bone Said on Reddit

It’s Sunday, AKA News Roundup Day. You know the drill: We wanted to write about all of these stories but we didn’t or couldn’t, but we still wanted to give you the opportunity to discuss them with each other if you’d like, which you often do like. You’re also more than welcome to describe your … Continue reading Source link

11 Things We Didn’t Write About This Week but That You Might Want to Talk About, Including Who Kim Kardashian Is Blaming for Her Robbery

It’s news-roundup time (chosen because it’s also Sunday afternoon when maybe you want another excuse to hang out here rather than doing something, ugh, productive). That means we’re revealing the list of topics we didn’t write about this week but wonder if we should have (hate that “should” word), … Continue reading Source link

Shocking Secrets Exposed in This Especially Revealing Open Thread

I don’t have anything this week except for getting us all competitively riled up to register people to vote, which is so boring, but we can make it fun and game-like. Apparently the number of new voters xoJane readers registered to vote through our widget is so far only in the double … Continue reading Source link

10 Things We Didn’t Write About This Week But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including the Explosive Appliance That Might Be in Your House Right Now

It was a hell of a week for a lot of people. What I’ve been reading in the news really puts my newly chipped tooth into perspective. (Not that I’m not extremely annoyed about that.) But it’s all relative, right?Well, regardless of how your week went, perhaps you’d like to discuss some stuff … Continue reading Source link

Say Something So Normal and Boring or So Rampantly Outrageous, You Can't Believe You Said It Here in This Limitless Open Thread

As in any business, most of the editors of what are considered the “women’s magazines” know each other. Either we have worked together at some point or we’ve sat next to each other at fashion shows, intentionally rubbing forearms if one of us is pregnant and the other one wants to be (at Gucci with … Continue reading Source link

8 Things We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment on, Including Disney's Controversial Halloween Costume

There’s election stuff in this week’s things-we-didn’t-write-about roundup. Shocking. Even when we do write about the candidates, there’s still a ton of material we don’t get to give our take on, and a lot of it is pretty interesting. So even though you won’t get an XO contributor’s or editor’s … Continue reading Source link

Cancel Your Plans and Come Hang Out in This No-Pressure, All-Are-Welcome Open Thread

The (unflattering) picture above was taken yesterday right after we figured out that, although Caitlin is the Alpha Menstruator here in xoJaneland, I am the Alpha Insomniac. That means that my pet, Caitlin, has been wide-awake every time I get up in the night, which is generally about once an … Continue reading Source link