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How Spending 15 Minutes with Viola Davis Made Me Love Being a Black Woman Even More

When my editor asked me if I wanted to spend my Saturday in Rhode Island with Viola Davis, I was too in shock to even answer at first—but quickly came back down from the clouds and gave her an ecstatic YES! Like many young Black women, I proudly watched Viola become the first African-American woman … Continue reading Source link

I Thought Yoga, Meditation, and Instagram Could Save Me from PTSD After I Was Raped

On the day I was raped, I felt like a true yogi. It was July and 30 degrees Celsius on New York’s Rockaway Peninsula*. I had been up since 6 a.m. I’d started the day by swimming in the ocean, running on the soft sand, and doing an asana sequence I had committed to memory on a wooden deck in the … Continue reading Source …

Autism Support in Vienna Sucks, So I'm Opening My Own Therapy Center

Austria is known as the country that brought the world the waltz, Wiener schnitzel, and lots of really yummy pastries. It’s also the birthplace of Freud, a little trivia factoid that might lead you to assume that mental health would be an open topic, and not a taboo subject. But as I’ve … Continue reading Source link

I Let a Fear of Being Unattractive Keep Me From Cutting My Hair for Almost a Decade

Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve been aware of how much society placed importance on a girl’s hair was, that many women are defined by it. Media imagery, in everything from TV to movies to pop music, influenced me to believe that the prettiest girls had long, voluminous … Continue reading Source link

I'm a Sexual Assault Survivor, And Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign Has Traumatized Me All Over Again

Trump: “I grab women’s bodies.”Woman: “Trump grabbed my body.”Trump: “NO I DIDN’T YOU LIAR!”I’ve seen and heard this “joke” in many iterations since the now infamous Trump Tapes were made public. Quotation marks are in place because this election cycle is draining my usually formidable reserves of … Continue reading Source link

I'm Predicting There Will Be Blood on Election Day — And for a Long Time After That

We are three weeks away from Election Day, and I think it is increasingly clear that the election isn’t going to be “over” on November 9 — rather, it will have only reached the next chapter in an increasingly painful and baroque series of events that doesn’t seem to have any logical end. And the … Continue reading Source link

I'm the Mother of Three Grown Men, And Donald Trump's Sexism Isn’t a ‘Women’s Issue’

A gender gap emerges as the chest-beating damnations of Donald Trump from Republicans build momentum following their presidential candidate’s inexcusable braggadocio about sexual assault.And it is not an obvious one.From Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey and … Continue reading Source link

I'm the CEO of a Tech Company, And Building a Startup Is Nothing Like the Media Portrays It

I know my experience isn’t the be-all, end-all of what building a tech startup is like. In some ways it’s unusual: I’m married to my cofounder. I’m a female CEO. We had savings and the skills to get an initial product off the ground, so we weren’t desperate for funding straight out of the gate.But … Continue reading Source link

The GOP's Response to Trump's Recordings Prove They Care Only About White Women

Over the last 16 months of this exhaustive election circus cycle, we have watched as Republican elected officials have stood steadfast by their presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Twisting themselves into knots to defend the indefensible, all because they decided to place Party and perceived power … Continue reading Source link

I'm Not Stopping My Birth Control Pills Because of That Study

Everyone I know’s mother has emailed them that study about birth control and depression that just came out. You know, the one from the University of Copenhagen that links hormonal birth control and increased rates of depression, especially in teens? I swear I’m not anti-science and have no specific … Continue reading Source link