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Black voter registration is inversely correlated with black death at police hands

Correlation is not causation, and the data-set is awfully small (39 incidents), but computational epidemiologist Maimuna Majumder is working with what’s available, because the federal government won’t fund research into gun fatalities, and does not require states to gather data on police use of force. Majumder says that multivariate linear regression showed that a black person’s likelihood of being shot by the …

I Was Obsessed with Weddings Until I Realized My Favorite Traditions Are Sexist

For someone who’s in college, painfully single, and kind of a potato, I’ve got a wedding obsession that just won’t quit. I’ve pinned an obscene amount of wedding content on Pinterest, have a fat stack of issues of The Knot on my coffee table, and care way too much about floral arrangements. … Continue reading Source link