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I Almost Died of a Pulmonary Embolism, And All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

Rationally, I know that escalators are not death traps, but my body thinks that’s false. Let’s start there. I’m guessing most people feel perfectly secure when they’re at the mall, stepping onto a single moving stair with ease and accuracy, not even holding onto the rails. Very impressive. But … Continue reading Source link

Working Out My Body Image Issues Took 17 Years: This Is What I've Learned Along the Way

I don’t remember the first time I became aware of my body — aware in the way that a little girl shouldn’t be. In my experience, when you’re young, you don’t question what you look like. You use your body in the ways it’s intended. As a vessel to propel you forward: hands for grasping the monkey … Continue reading Source link

I'M BAACKKKKKK: Some Words on My Return to xoJane

Dear xoJaners,Hi! Remember me? A refresher:Uh huh.It’s hard to believe that it’s been FIVE years since I started at this site! As a founding editor. I was one of only two, you know — Emily McCombs was the other — and then, of course, there was Jane. Here, look at this photo from the launch … Continue reading Source link

I'm Determined to Kick Seasonal Affective Disorder's Ass and Rock This Winter

Two things I make no secret about dealing with are depression and hatred of cold winter climates, so I remember feeling an odd relief back when I learned that seasonal affective disorder was officially A Thing that had been named and could be addressed.I must admit that that initial relief was in … Continue reading Source link

I'm Fat, And I'm Tired of People Who Won't Admit It

I’ve been big as long as I can remember. Even though I played soccer as a kid, danced in audition-only children’s shows, and ran a nine-minute mile in PE, I was always big. My parents — San Francisco yuppie types — fed me a steady diet of farmers market vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins … Continue reading Source link

I Made Hope into a Bad Thing, And Now I’m Working to Undo That

At some point, long ago and far away, we made up our minds about how certain things feel to us. Actually, “we made up our minds” is not nearly as accurate as it would be to say that our minds were made up for us. Far from some intentional choice or fully aware expression of our agency, certain … Continue reading Source link