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Proposal: turn Twitter into a user-owned co-op

Though Twitter brings in a hell of a lot of money, it’s not enough to satisfy the company’s investors, who are said to be contemplating a sale to Google or Salesforce; in The Guardian, Nathan Schneider moots the possibility of turning Twitter into a co-operative platform. Schneider imagines crowdfunding the money to take the platform off its investors’ hands, then running it on …

I Got Doxxed After Giving a Donald Trump Supporter the Finger

You might have seen my story in the news: In my current town, in a podunk part of Washington State, I was driving down the street and saw a yard where a man was standing next to a “Hillary for Prison” sign and a “Trump/Pence 2016” sign.I vocally support Hillary Clinton online and for 18 months I’ve … Continue reading Source link

If You Call Me a Servant, I Will Tell You to Go F*ck Yourself and Quit My Job

Most people who live in New York City can’t afford to do anything. It’s true, especially if you are a struggling artist, in which case you’ll probably work three jobs to make rent. If you aren’t an artist, then you have made good life choices. (Good for you! Teach me your ways.)I didn’t … Continue reading Source link