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10 of the Weirdest Vacation Rental Properties That Are Actually Affordable Enough to Stay At

Our world is chock-full of ineffable creations, both man-made and natural. We get it—it’s a colossal world out there, so massive that it can deem daunting when deciding what international destinations to visit in the course of a lifetime (not to mention your fragile bank account). Don’t let … Continue reading Source link

I'm Riding a Bike for the First Time in Years and I Need Tips So I Don't Run Over People

For the first time since I was 10, a bicycle is my primary means of transportation. Mr. Louise and I got used bikes to get around Yamaguchi because it takes too long to walk to the grocery store, and the train only runs sometimes. While at first the romance of breezily biking … Continue reading Source link

My Practical or Otherwise Men's Gift Guide 2016

A men’s gift guide. I know, you would rather watch paint dry than read another one of these. That’s what you think NOW, at least, until it comes time to actually buy a gift, and then what? You’re fresh out of ideas and frantically googling this very article mid-December, praying to god that I have … Continue reading Source link

I Attended a Rejectionathon to Boost My Confidence — And It Worked!

I was listening to a podcast when I first heard the words “rejection therapy.”It was an episode of NPR’s Invisibilia, and the host was interviewing this guy, Jason Comely, who was having trouble meeting women after his ex-wife left him for someone else. Realizing his fear of rejection was crippling … Continue reading Source link

Pixel art that responds to viewer manipulation

German designer Marcus Blättermann created this nifty series of scalable pixel illustrations based on Greek mythology (Tantalos shown here). Drag your cursor around at his site to alter the image. Illustrations include: • The Three Graeae • Tantalos • Teiresias • Brothers • Zeus • The Argos • The Sphinx The Zeus one takes some of his …

What Is the Most Boneheaded Thing You've Done While Moving to a New Home?

When I moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles, I accidentally threw out all of my underpants. I arrived in Los Angeles at 11 p.m., eyes still puffy from leaving my boyfriend, friends, and home in St. Louis, and all I wanted to do was shower, curl up on my air mattress in graduate … Continue reading Source link

I'M BAACKKKKKK: Some Words on My Return to xoJane

Dear xoJaners,Hi! Remember me? A refresher:Uh huh.It’s hard to believe that it’s been FIVE years since I started at this site! As a founding editor. I was one of only two, you know — Emily McCombs was the other — and then, of course, there was Jane. Here, look at this photo from the launch … Continue reading Source link