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Here's Why Michelle Obama Let the Founder of Spanx Walk Around the White House Barefoot

They often seem like a great idea at first, but wearing heels to major events can definitely lead to regret. The blisters, the aches, the wishing we brought flats — we’ve experienced it all, and it’s safe to say Michelle Obama has, too. Why else would she allow Spanx founder Sara Blakely to ditch her Christian Louboutins at the White House and walk around barefoot? …

3 Ways to Wear Flats That Will Make You Feel as Hot as You Do in Heels

There once was a time when I only wore sexy wearing heels and I could not get on the flats train. That quickly came to a halt when one day after stomping through NYC, I almost broke my neck while stepping in a sidewalk crack. Not cute. Immediately after that embarrassing stunt, I decided I was … Continue reading Source link

These Runway Shoes Look So Comfortable, Our Feet Can Hardly Wait For Spring

Shoes may not be the first thing you notice when you’re watching a runway show. But when you’re scanning a full look, they can hardly be ignored. Keeping the industry’s obsession with sneakers in mind, we paid close attention to the footwear at Fashion Week. It was tough to miss the sock boots at DKNY or the fringed moccasins that added an element of surprise …