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John Legend calls out men who criticized Trump on behalf of their daughters

John Legend calls out men who criticized Trump on behalf of their daughters / Boing Boing After the release of the now infamous Donald Trump/Billy Bush tapes, dozens of politicians tweeted their disgust with Trump’s behavior on behalf of their daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers. As the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no apology can excuse away Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments degrading …

I Caught Myself Being a Sexist Pig Toward Hillary Clinton — And I'm a Feminist Lesbian

In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro ran as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. She wasn’t the first woman to run for vice president or even president, but she was the first vice-presidential candidate for a major party and maybe the first who had a real chance at winning. I was 16, and while my mom, a … Continue reading Source link

IT HAPPENED TO ME: A Sadist Made Me Realize I Don't Have to Be PC During Sex

The best slavedoes not need to be beaten.She beats herself. – Erica Jong, “Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit”On our second date, Teddy told me that he was a sadist.He said, “I want to do horrible things to you.” He looked at me intently. He wasn’t playing around. A bead of sweat formed on the … Continue reading Source link

Submitting to a Man as a Consensual Sex Slave Doesn't Make Me Feel Like Less of a Feminist

I wear my feminism on my sleeve. It’s not something I’m shy about or avoid discussing with anyone who’ll hear me. I believe that women should not be constantly examined and judged for their appearance; I believe that we deserve the same salary for the same work; I believe we shouldn’t have to … Continue reading Source link

If Lena Dunham and Cara Delevingne are feminist superheroes, we all are | Phoebe-Jane Boyd

Striking blows for gender equality used to be an intimidating undertaking: you’d really have to pull out something major. Hunger strikes, dying after being felled by a horse at the Derby, skinned alive with oyster shells – it’s understandable why most would decide: “You know what, I won’t.” Other options not involving death were going undercover as a Playboy Bunny, taking part in violent protests, …

A Response to, and Some Learnings from, My Piece ​"Feminism Has Enabled My Husband to Be Lazy and Selfish"

Dear xoJane Commenters Who Responded to My Piece, and the Public at Large,For starters, the title “Feminism Has Enabled my Husband to be Lazy and Selfish” was generated by the editorial staff, although you will argue that it may as well have been written by me. My originally submitted title was … Continue reading Source link

May I Formally Invite You to Talk About Mean Girls and Dumb Men in This COTW?

Welcome (back!) to Comment of the Week. I’ve seen a lot of posts in response to especially clever commenters essentially saying, “This’d be comment of the week if that still existed!” And now, I am happy to announce that does exist (again!). Feel free to email me your picks at … Continue reading Source link

'Play like a girl' should be a term of respect

Longtime Boing Boing video collaborator Eric Mittleman shares with us a new project he’s been working with, The Youth Baller Network, which you can subscribe to here. The webshow was created to “celebrate and appreciate kids of all ages playing sports,” and includes highlights sent in from youth viewers, top plays, bloopers, interviews and fun or amazing short videos shared on the internet. …

I’m Sick of Having to Reassure Men That Feminism Isn’t About Hating Them

I’ll start this with a disclaimer. You always have to start this kind of article with a disclaimer, right? Any time you publicly comment on the mistreatment or underrepresentation of a certain group at the hands of another, you have to spend a good portion of your word count reassuring the … Continue reading Source link