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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Got Pregnant with an IUD and Ended the Pregnancy to Save My Own Life

“I need your expert opinion on something,” I said a bit hysterically to my mother over FaceTime. “Uh… OK,” she replied, unsure how to react to my desperate mood. She had just picked up the phone on the second ring and I hadn’t even bother to say hello.“Does this look like two pink lines to … Continue reading Source link

Lucy wants to make it easier for expectant parents to find and book support services

Lucy, a Bay Area startup, which was founded this January and launched its beta today, reckons it’s found an underserved not-so-niche market to target: expectant parents. The team presented on stage today here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016, after being lifted from startup alley as the day’s wildcard battlefield company. Lucy offers a marketplace focused on helping expectant families find support services. Specifically it’s for pregnant women in the third and fourth trimester, so pre-birth …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend's Parents Said I Have to Convert to Islam if They're Going to Accept Our Relationship

I met my boyfriend at a work event. I knew him by sight but not much more, so when we ended up leaving the party together, I didn’t expect much to come of it. In fact, I spent the next few days congratulating myself on a successful one-night stand and trying to avoid him in office … Continue reading Source link