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What Are Your Favorite International Snacks — or Things You'd Normally Need a Prescription For — to Buy When Traveling Abroad?

Greetings from sunny Cabo San Lucas! I’m here for a press trip Dan sent me on (this makes it sound like I’m being exiled — I’m not. I think Dan just wanted me to meet single, attractive travel journalists while getting a tan, but they’re all married with kids, so that’s a no-go). I’m currently … Continue reading Source link

How It Feels to Have a Dream Come True and Dance in Solange's "Don't Touch My Hair" Video

There is no denying that Solange’s new album A Seat At The Table is absolutely EVERYTHING and her fans unanimously approve.From the euphoric vibes it invokes to its unapologetic anthems, it truly is a gem of black excellence. The 30-year-old singer also dropped amazing visuals to go along with the … Continue reading Source link

The FEEL FLUX grants the sense of slowing down time

I’ve been playing with my FEEL FLUX for weeks and its hit rate in the amazement department is 100%. Each time you drop the metal ball through the copper tube you’d expect it to zip out the other end but instead, it lazily creeps from one end to the other and dribbles out into your waiting hand.   SILENT CATCH A “Silent Catch” is what …

I Talked to JoJo About Her Third Album, 'Mad Love,' And the Grind It Took to Get There

I didn’t think it would ever happen. I knew landing an interview with JoJo while she was in Chicago might be doable since artists do a ton of press while they’re in town and I can talk my way into a lot of shit. But even after I got the email confirming a sit-down with her right before her … Continue reading Source link

4 Bands I Fell in Love with When I Saw Them Open for Other Bands

I’m thisclose to breaking down and paying for an upgraded Spotify membership. What is it — like, $10 a month? Fine. I’ve found myself relying on the free version of the streaming music service more and more in order to discover new (or new-to-me) music. Surely I’m not the only person you know (do … Continue reading Source link

How blockchain can change the music industry

Since the 1999 launch of Napster’s music-sharing platform, the music industry has been in near-constant turmoil, its timeline marked with dipping revenues, lack of transparency, piracy problems and feuds over the fair distribution of dividends. Music companies hate streaming services. Streaming services hate file-sharing services. And, most of all, artists and content creators hate virtually everyone else for making huge sums off their toil and feeding them the crumbs. With so …

Netflix’s theater deal is a small step for subscriber growth and a big leap toward an Oscar

Yesterday, Netflix announced a new theater distribution deal with iPic Entertainment, a theater chain with 15 locations throughout the country. The deal will put 10 Netflix original films (a substantial portion of Netflix’s original films this year) in iPic’s New York and Los Angeles theaters. Getting their content into theaters around the country is a smart move by Netflix, for more reasons than one. Subscriber growth Everyone …

It’s Despicable to Make Fun of Kim Kardashian West After She Was Robbed at Gunpoint

After turning on the TV this morning, I saw the familiar a.m. news setup of a newscaster with a graphic over her shoulder, and the words “ROBBED AT GUNPOINT” underneath a close-up picture of a woman’s face. I didn’t recognize Kim Kardashian West at first, but when I did, my first … Continue reading Source link

Shazam is finally profitable after a billion downloads

Shazam, the mobile and desktop app that acts as a digital ear and song identifier, crossed the 1 billion download mark recently, according to a report from Billboard on Thursday. The London-based company, Shazam Entertainment Ltd., also announced that it has achieved profitability, at long last, thanks to a new focus on advertising sales, alongside revenue from commissions on digital music sales and traffic referrals to streaming music sites. …