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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Came Out to My Husband, And He Didn't Believe I Wanted a Divorce Until I Offered Him the House

Growing up poor in the Midwest, there was nothing I desired so much as a home to call my own. From the moment my parents divorced, we were nomads  — and achingly poor nomads, at best. While my mother lay in a hospital, inching closer to death last year, I tried to distract myself with … Continue reading Source link

I Remarried My Abusive Ex-Husband and Then Divorced Him Again

My husband, Tim, and I were first married in 2001 after meeting in an online chat room and dating for a year and a half. In our seven-year marriage, we had two children: a boy and a girl. He seemed to have a genuine interest in art and I was attending college for graphic design and was fascinated … Continue reading Source link

When did street style become more important than the catwalk?

It seems that the majority of the coverage of fashion weeks is not of the clothes on the runways but the ridiculous ones worn by people at the shows. Why is this? And isn’t this kind of blatant attention-seeking a bit tragic? Carole, by email You are absolutely right, Carole, that the shows have become at least as much about the clothes people wear as …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Husband and I Separated Twice with No Intention to Get Divorced

Yesterday, my husband and I honored our tough little four-year-old marriage by meeting after work at a favorite restaurant in the same neighborhood as the church where we exchanged vows and rings. We then made our separate ways home. We will also take a road trip this coming weekend as a … Continue reading Source link