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Say Anything in This Week's Open Thread Even Though I'm 13 and Probably Shouldn't Read Some of Your Comments

Hi, we’re Charlotte (Jane’s daughter, in case you didn’t know) and Lena, and we are taking over the Open Thread this week!This week we planned a trip to Walt Disney World. We drove down from New York (actually, from the airport in Newark, because that made the rental car $350 cheaper) and flew … Continue reading Source link

Pretend This Open Thread Is a Roller Coaster and Just Uninhibitedly Scream Your Head Off

By the time this Open Thread goes up, I’ll be driving with Charlotte (13!) and her friend Lena (14) on our way down to Disney World. Either that or we’re at Newark Airport waiting for the rental car (one that is not the rental car that constantly got towed, which you told me was not cute at my … Continue reading Source link