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IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Brother Was Killed by a Hit-and-Run Driver, And I Didn't Want to Go On Living

My heart beat hot in my ears. That was the only thing I could feel as my life, my perfect little illusion of a life, collapsed in on itself. I knew I should be crying or screaming, but I wasn’t. Instead, words that didn’t make sense left my mouth on repeat: “Stop joking.” Over and over again, … Continue reading Source link

I'm Determined to Kick Seasonal Affective Disorder's Ass and Rock This Winter

Two things I make no secret about dealing with are depression and hatred of cold winter climates, so I remember feeling an odd relief back when I learned that seasonal affective disorder was officially A Thing that had been named and could be addressed.I must admit that that initial relief was in … Continue reading Source link

I Spent 5 Hours at My Desk, Frozen by Anxiety — Oh, You Too? How Do You Deal?

Today was hard. Part of me knew it was going to be hard, thus possibly creating some sort of frustrating, self-fulfilling prophecy of anxiety. Which is the nature of the beast anyway, right? I’ve been sitting at my desk for some time now — all right, five hours — unable to undo the … Continue reading Source link

BoJack Horseman Opened My Eyes to the Realities of Depression

Editor’s Note: You’ll find mild spoilers for the Netflix show BoJack Horseman below, but also a lot of deep personal truths that make the spoilers worth it (IMHO). -AmberEveryone has a piece of media that they connect with on a “real” level. You could call it your favorite or you could say how … Continue reading Source link