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IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Cheated with My Best Friend and I Didn't Tell Them That I Knew for Several Weeks

All throughout my life, I’ve had this complicated “make friends but keep no friends” theory — not because I’m antisocial or hate people, but because I feel very inclined to guard my heart against betrayals and other treacherous acts.I had just enrolled in a tertiary institution for a … Continue reading Source link

7 Black TV Heroines Who Taught Me the Realest Love Lessons

With fall shows gearing up to make their 2016 debut and return, I can’t help but think about all the strong representations of Black women on my television screen who taught me important lessons about love. They did so without fear, leaving imprints and providing lessons that have long guided me in … Continue reading Source link

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Hooked Up with a Guy Who Lives in a Blanket Fort

On a Wednesday night, I went to see my friend Caroline perform at a local comedy night held at a definite locals’ bar. The night was about what you might expect from a comedy night at a townie bar — the humor was lacking, but the audience was worse. The comedians certainly weren’t … Continue reading Source link

Waking Up in a Bathtub with a Knife, And Other Things I Did Before Finding the Real Love

Trigger warning: suicidal ideation.Men are things to be used and thrown away.Just kidding! I totally don’t mean that. But for a time in my 20s, this was my perspective. Aside from my very first and very last boyfriends (the last being the one who became my husband), I approached men as though … Continue reading Source link

My Son Taught Me More About Dating Than Any of My Boyfriends Ever Did

Decades. That’s how long I’ve spent agonizing over boys (and, later, men). Mostly in my high school and college days, that is. When they didn’t call me, call me back, or answer the phone (this was in the pre-texting, pre-email, pre-caller ID era), I took offense and figured I wasn’t good enough. … Continue reading Source link

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Herpes Diagnosis Led to the First — and Last — Incident of Physical Abuse in My Relationship

“It burns,” I cried, tears streaming down my face, sobbing hysterically. I stared hopelessly up at our bedroom walls, painted my favorite shade of mint-green by my loving fiancé.”That sucks,” he said. “Well, see you later.” He picked up his laptop bag and headed out. I lay in bed and writhed … Continue reading Source link

I'll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours: What's the ONE Question You Would Ask Your "Mystery Date"?

First things first: “I’ll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours.” Meh? I know, not the greatest series title, but not the worst?I’m trying to figure out how to “brand” and focus these random questions I ask on a weekly basis. “Louise’s Question” is just clunky and zzzzzzz…, and “ANSWER MY … Continue reading Source link