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Report finds over 125,000 complaints against more than 25,000 Chicago police officers

An analysis of five decades of police records by The Chicago Tribune found that a small group of Chicago police officers have racked up over 100 complaints each over the course of their respective careers, “including notoriously corrupt cops who wound up in prison but also others whose allegations of repeated wrongdoing were never before made public.” In the rare …

IT HAPPENED TO ME: A Stranger Told Me She Was Having a Miscarriage and I Don't Know If I Did the Right Thing

Several weeks ago, on the streets of Chicago, I experienced one of the most heartbreaking interactions of my life.I had just left the Second City where I had had drinks with some friends after our show had been cancelled due to zero ticket sales. I had followed a friend a few blocks further … Continue reading Source link

Merciless reporting on the Chicago Police Department's extortion racket, & the senior officials who covered it up

The more we learn about the Chicago Police Department, the worse it gets — there’s the sabotage of dashcams, the widespread corruption, the investigators fired for refusing to cover up police crimes, off-the-books “black site” where the CPD kidnaps and tortures suspects, the Accountability Task Force Report that called the force racist, corrupt and broken. But there has never been a more …