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I'm Riding a Bike for the First Time in Years and I Need Tips So I Don't Run Over People

For the first time since I was 10, a bicycle is my primary means of transportation. Mr. Louise and I got used bikes to get around Yamaguchi because it takes too long to walk to the grocery store, and the train only runs sometimes. While at first the romance of breezily biking … Continue reading Source link

I Almost Died of a Pulmonary Embolism, And All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

Rationally, I know that escalators are not death traps, but my body thinks that’s false. Let’s start there. I’m guessing most people feel perfectly secure when they’re at the mall, stepping onto a single moving stair with ease and accuracy, not even holding onto the rails. Very impressive. But … Continue reading Source link

I Hired a "People Walker" to Walk Me Through a Sketchy Neighborhood, And It Was a Lot Less Weird Than I Thought It Would Be

Up until the second grade, I was considered a normal-sized person. Then this weird thing happened to every other 8-year-old around me: They grew. I remained the same size until I was about 14 and I woke up one morning two inches taller and with a rear end that had somehow tripled … Continue reading Source link

I Spent 5 Hours at My Desk, Frozen by Anxiety — Oh, You Too? How Do You Deal?

Today was hard. Part of me knew it was going to be hard, thus possibly creating some sort of frustrating, self-fulfilling prophecy of anxiety. Which is the nature of the beast anyway, right? I’ve been sitting at my desk for some time now — all right, five hours — unable to undo the … Continue reading Source link