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An Open Letter to EpiPen CEO Heather Bresch from the Mom of a Son with Life-Threatening Allergies

Dear Heather Bresch, I don’t make $18 million a year. You do. I do not have a yacht, a vacation home, or a large savings account. To be honest, I don’t even make a half of 1 percent of what you make. I don’t own a boat, I haven’t been on vacation in almost a decade, and I rent a … Continue reading Source link

Mylan CEO raises price of EpiPens over 400% in 9 years, is rewarded with 671% raise

The head of the pharmaceutical company that makes EpiPens raised the price of the life-saving device by over 400%. She was rewarded with a 671% raise. EpiPens are drug-filled devices that people with severe allergies and their caregivers can use to inject epinephrine quickly, to halt potentially deadly allergic reactions. Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch and other execs are under fire for …