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I'm a Sexual Assault Survivor, And Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign Has Traumatized Me All Over Again

Trump: “I grab women’s bodies.”Woman: “Trump grabbed my body.”Trump: “NO I DIDN’T YOU LIAR!”I’ve seen and heard this “joke” in many iterations since the now infamous Trump Tapes were made public. Quotation marks are in place because this election cycle is draining my usually formidable reserves of … Continue reading Source link

I'm the Mother of Three Grown Men, And Donald Trump's Sexism Isn’t a ‘Women’s Issue’

A gender gap emerges as the chest-beating damnations of Donald Trump from Republicans build momentum following their presidential candidate’s inexcusable braggadocio about sexual assault.And it is not an obvious one.From Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey and … Continue reading Source link

The GOP's Response to Trump's Recordings Prove They Care Only About White Women

Over the last 16 months of this exhaustive election circus cycle, we have watched as Republican elected officials have stood steadfast by their presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Twisting themselves into knots to defend the indefensible, all because they decided to place Party and perceived power … Continue reading Source link

My Husband Threatened to Divorce Me if I Vote for Hillary Clinton

My husband and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on social and political issues, but we weren’t always polar opposites. Lately, though, our viewpoints have become drastically different.  I’m a fairly outspoken person when I’m sharing an opinion I truly believe in. Unfortunately, my … Continue reading Source link

I Got Doxxed After Giving a Donald Trump Supporter the Finger

You might have seen my story in the news: In my current town, in a podunk part of Washington State, I was driving down the street and saw a yard where a man was standing next to a “Hillary for Prison” sign and a “Trump/Pence 2016” sign.I vocally support Hillary Clinton online and for 18 months I’ve … Continue reading Source link

Do Our Issues Matter to Clinton and Trump? 7 Black Women Weigh in on the First Presidential Debate

For ESSENCE readers—surveyed in 2015 for our inaugural Power of the Sister Vote poll, conducted jointly with the Black Women’s Roundtable—there’s keen interest in a presidential candidate who will take on the issues most important to us.A new survey finds that affordable health care, criminal … Continue reading Source link

What Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination Means for Black Women in America

No matter the outcome of the presidential election in November, history will remember Hillary Clinton as the first woman to get to the top of a ticket for a major party. It is a tremendous feat.In Philadelphia last week, the Democratic National Convention was a celebration of her achievement. The … Continue reading Source link

Bernie Sanders overcome with emotion as his brother Larry casts delegate vote at DNC

In Philadelphia today at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, an emotionally overwhelming moment for Bernie Sanders as Democrats Abroad cast their votes for the party’s 2016 presidential nominee. The Senator from Vermont, who abandoned his own bid for President and is endorsing Hillary Clinton, appeared to weep as his brother Larry Sanders — a UK resident — announced the votes for Democrats Abroad. …